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Can the future be changed?

by News Monks

In Indian culture there is a belief that no one gets more than his destiny. It means the thing which is not there in destiny even by hard work you will not get and if success is there in your destiny without doing anything you will get it. But if this is absolutely right then the development of the human world stops. Intelligent people say that progress is based on hard work, but if hard work is only the reason then millions of people in the world doing hard work but cannot even get food for two times. So you have to think about the factors that determine the future. Hard work is important or destiny and even if both are important, who determines this fate or destiny? According to the Scriptures, the fate or future of human beings is made up of seven causes together.

1) KAL – that is, time or period which we can also see as an epoch or era. Sat-Yuga, TRETA-Yuga, DWAPAR-Yuga, Kali-Yuga, etc., happiness of the person is determined according to time or epoch as every age or era has a specialty such as ignorance, accident, adulteration, abduction, rape kind of problem or pain is more experienced in Kali-Yuga. We have no control over the period, but the problems can be alleviated or reduced by understanding the age or era.
2) Nature – that is nature of a person. An individual’s own nature is an important factor in determining his destiny. Your destiny is shaped by how positive or wise you are. Many suffer discomfort in such a small problem while many feel perfectly ok even in unbearable pain. How we take it is more important than what actually happens to us. (What happens to you is not much important but how you take it is very much important) NARSINH Mehta did not have trouble with his wife’s death or MIRABAI doesn’t disturb by cup of poison We know that when it is very hot temperature many feel terrible or unbearable but many feel cool and calm and believe that this time the rain will be good and the entire year will be superb. This is the disposition of nature, that if we learn it, nothing can stop us from changing destiny. No karma, nature and God can hurt you when you are engaged in the positive feeling or remain in SATTVA.

3) Destiny or Fate – that is, the VIDHINA LEKH or destiny. According to Hindu mythology that is subject to one’s own deeds, that is what in our hands. It is very obvious that any wrong deed happens knowingly or unknowingly we have to bear it. This is something like if you grow thorn how can you get mangoes. It is natural for you to eat junk food then stomach aches or other diseases will definitely occurs. This means that the situation or future can be changed by restraint, awareness and understanding by focusing on real deeds.

4) Desire – The root cause of all pains in life is desire, wish or want. In each moment of life we need many things for some reason. If we learn restraint then we would have come out of the cycle of expectation and complaint. Expectations are born out of a will and if the expectations are not satisfied then the grievance will begin which troubles the future. In short, desires can be overcome to prevent future pain.

5) BHOOT – that is material. By which life becomes comfortable and easy. Materials actually determine our standard of living and each standard has its own unique set of problems. Alternatively, the problems can be alleviated, such as headache it can be eliminated by taking medication. Air Conditioner can be used to get relief from heat but it has to be suffered joint pain and physical problem by AC. One can also escape such pain through renunciation and restraint.

6) Vagina – means the body, usually the direct relation to happiness or pain is to the vagina or body. Just like the kind of suffering that women have in their destiny, different types of problems men have to suffer. Likewise, the problems of each vagina are different. Unless a suitable vagina is found, the karma or the future cannot rise. The vagina is subject to a person’s own deeds, that is, the fate we can create. The best use of the human vagina gained through real knowledge is to get rid of all the problems

7) Hard work – The last factor that determines the destiny is hard work. Often the fate cannot be changed because of the lack of hard work of proper direction or the complete absence of hard work. The Scriptures state that if karma is the force of a bull, then honest hard work has power of lion. Only efforts or hard work with the right direction can benefit humans. Men are actually doing everything but without proper direction means that there is no element of realism, lack of social welfare, the situation or future cannot be changed. Hard work does not mean labor only but SADHANA means chanting, penance, vows, charity, religion, virtue, godliness, yoga and meditation. These are the tools to change the future.

World-renowned Francis prophet Michael Nostradamus believes that the future can be changed, in his view, that the person can change his ideological waves and change the situation, and Doctor Edgar Mitchell points out that the future can change only need to change the brain’s conceptual waves for which SADHANA is useful. In the fourth chapter of YOGAVASHISHTA it is said that the pre-birth and the karmic karma of this birth are fought and that whoever is strong is victorious. This means that even the karma that has been already done can be conquered by hard work. Men can improve both this life and the future life but to understand what kind of hard work should be and in which direction. Which requires meditating on the above seven factors. There should be sincere, tough and regular hard work that can change the direction of these seven factors. Sat-Yuga shows positivity and Kali-Yuga shows negativity. Sat-Yuga can be enjoyed even in the Kali Yuga by reducing the negativity. All that is needed is determination (because nothing can happen without determination), restraint (complete control of the senses) and hard work (regular efforts of the right direction). According to scientific research, every cell of the human body changes from moment to moment i.e. old dies and new ones are created, every seven years a person gets completely new cells i.e. regenerates. In that sense, doing the right thing for seven to twelve years in the right direction can get the expected result. It is possible to change the future if regular efforts of seven to twelve years are made to change the ideological waves of the brain. So let’s start changing the future from today.

– Shilpa shah director in-charge HKBBA College

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