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Are relationships just a name from now on ?

by News Monks

If we look at the earlier times, all of them lived in a big family. Living in harmony with one another. Everyone had true love for each other. But this is not the case nowadays. Everything has changed.

Dealing in relationships has become like a trade. We will treat him in the same way that the other person will treat us. Relationships are no longer as sweet as they used to be. Saving relationships has become a compulsion for people. “What will people in society say?” Those people relate to that thinking. So often in property disputes the relationship between the two brothers also breaks down. But is that right? Or leave his brother’s hand just for a little money.

If the relationship is to be understood in today’s language, it can be said that the whole family gathers only on the occasion of marriage or death. The language of relationships has changed. Going forward “Who will come to work for me?” They relate to that consideration. Also “Who needs me?” No one thinks that anymore.

From all of this, the question often puzzles me, “Are relationships just names?” Are the nests of relationships now being broken by the weight of greed and selfishness?
Ask yourself this question once and for all so that you too will need it in deep thought. You can find the answer to this question yourself.

Niti Sejpal “Titli”

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