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An Apology

by News Monks

Over a very trivial property issue, Parvati stopped talking to her younger brother Madhusudan. Both had king sized egos and each was waiting for the other to come and apologize. This vow of silence stretched for nearly fifteen years. 

A time came, when Madhusudan was extremely sick, almost on his deathbed. His body stopped responding to medicine and the doctors failed to understand how to revive him. It was like his life was stuck in something and refused to leave the earth without that redemption. 

After a lot of hesitation and deep thinking, his son went and pleaded with his aunt Parvati, requesting her to come and see Madhusudan in the hospital. “My father is neither alive nor dead. His soul is dangling in between. And I’m very sure he is waiting for you. Please! At least now on his deathbed, forget the old grudges and help him go peacefully.”

Parvati came to the hospital. The entire family was standing around Madhusudan’s bed. All sorts of tubes and pipes were inserted in him. When both brother and sister looked at each other, floodgates opened and tears streamed down their faces. She came and sat next to him. Silently, without a word Madhusudan joined his hands and raised them. Parvati sandwiched her hands around her brother’s and while sobbing, whispered,”Madhu, I’m sorry and I forgive you too. I release you from all my resentments. I have nothing against you brother.”After a faint smile, Madhusudan sighed his last breath and passed away.

Shamim Merchant

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