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A Deep Wound

by News Monks

Madhav was very happy today. It was Trishna’s birthday and he planned to propose to her with an indomitable desire to give a new look to their friendship with good wishes. There wasn’t a chance of the proposal being rejected.

While Madhav was weaving his golden dream of the future, Trishna entered looking absolutely gorgeous. She was looking so beautiful that even an angel would feel inferior for a second. Madhav couldn’t take his eyes off her. Moreover, when he saw how happy Trishna was, heart of hearts he thought,”Today I’m gonna float in blissful heaven with my angel.”

As soon as Madhav wished her birthday, Trishna said excitedly, “I have a surprise for you.” Hearing this, Madhav couldn’t contain his joy and took a glass of water to hide his feelings. There Trishna spoke up,”Today’s my birthday and today only I’m getting engaged to my prince charming, Raghav.”

Out of the blue, there was a sound of something breaking, Trishna glanced at Madhav and saw that his hand was bleeding from the crashed glass wound. Taking Madhav’s hand in her own, Trishna said, “Oh my God .. !! This is a very deep wound.”

Madhav couldn’t stop himself from whispering, “Yeah, a very deep one indeed!” With that he blinked away the mist in his eyes.

Written by: Jagruti Kaila, Morbi.
Translated by: Shamim Merchant, Mumbai.

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