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The real divine life is – fearlessness and freedom

by News Monks

Every individual love freedom and fearlessness internally. For the rest of his life he wants to have no restrictions in his life and he can live as he wishes. Besides, no kind of fear haunts him but unfortunately a person is living a life of fear and despair or he is forced to live a life of ignorance. One of the reasons for this is that with birth he is bound to the body and relationships and the bond is nothing but dependency. The attached man can never be free because he is bound to someone. He becomes free if he is released from bondage. Moreover, it is natural that there are many kinds of fear in bondage. This fear and dependency are inextricably linked, like two sides of the same coin. The ones we associate with, we ignorantly understand them our own and the fear of losing them haunts us for a lifetime. As soon as we become one with our body at birth, we begin to understand that body as our own, due to which we experience pain and suffering in the body at the time of injuries, body aches and disease. We never experience the same injury, pain and suffering when it happens to someone else because we never experience pain of others as it is not ours. Even though minor illnesses or problems arise in body which is natural, we are afraid of what will happen to me now. In the same way, this body from birth connects us to many relationships.

Which makes us overly dependent. We cannot live as we please. We constantly compromise with life for the purpose of keeping the people connected with us happy, to remove the conflict in the family, to keep the environment healthy and we forget our desire of freedom. But since the basic nature of the soul is independent, on the inside we are constantly regretting and not being able to live as we wish. The only reason behind this is that the relationships that we have ignorantly understood as our own should not be disturbed by us. Thus the fear of break-ups does not leave us for life that is why we are constantly scared and feel dependent. In the same way, throughout our lives, we have come to realize through our own experience or the experience of others that wealth is essential for all kinds of comforts and possessions in life, and in the race to achieve it, we unknowingly join and engage with many immoralities, dishonesty. Joining is the only bond that does not really suit our soul but has to be done compulsorily in the pursuit of the goal which creates many difficulties in life. Even when the purpose of gaining wealth is achieved through various kinds of repatriation and many sinful deeds the fear of losing the hard-earned wealth haunts us for the rest of my life.”

In order to get relationships, wealth, honor etc., we all have to connect with some tools that create bondage and deprive us of freedom. Moreover, the fear of losing everything after the attainment is haunting. A living being can never be fearless or independent. But he wants only two things fearlessness and freedom for rest of his life because fearless and independent life means divine life. Divine life is the permanent desire of every soul. Divine life means virtuous life i.e. love, affection, kindness, truth, non-violence, purity, forgiveness, simplicity, righteousness, humility, discretion, selflessness, patience, endurance, moral and valuable life. With the attainment of such things in life one’s journey to become independent and fearless becomes faster. Divine life means life with full of Sat-Chit-Ananda means complete truthful life with full energy and joy. To get such a life, one has to cultivate truth, one has to acquire knowledge, one has to make a hard and honest effort to attain conscious energy. For which many kinds of vices and impurities have to be eliminated from life. Divine life means a life free from impurities free from vices. The main impurities of human life that have clung to the soul for ages are anger, lust, affection, greed, ego and jealousy. It is not possible to attain divine life without removing all these impurities and without it even an independent and fearless life is impossible.
According to the scriptures the main obstacles to the attainment of divine life are three types of feces or impurities 1) ego 2) karma and 3) Maya (affection). The scriptures state that a living being cannot live an independent and fearless life until he is free from these three terrible feces (impurity).

The man joins these three feces only at birth and then cannot be released from them ignorantly. Ego means “I am something or I am different from others or superior” that sets a person apart from others. But the true power of life, freedom and fearlessness is obtained only by being connected with every element of creation. Ego does not allow that to happen. It is understandable that an arrogant person begins to perceive himself as superior, special and intelligent, and sees others as weak, stupid and unworthy, from which rage-hatred arises. To get rid of fear, one has to get rid of ego. If there is no enmity with anyone, if there is love and friendship with everyone, then how can fear arise, is automatically eliminated from the life. If one lives in a loving and friendly environment, one must become fearless. Karma is the second impurity after ego Which frightens and alienates human life or keeps it away from the divine life. With birth we are connected with many deeds because life without deeds is not possible. But not every deed or action is karma and normal deeds or action do not bother the person, only karma bothers. When any action or deed is done with personal interest and determination, it becomes karma and karma always clings to the soul, gets stuck with it then it becomes difficult for the soul to get rid of it. So the scriptures call karma the feces of the soul, the impurity attached to the soul and we all know that the feces of the body also becomes the home of disease if it gets stuck, in the same way the feces of the soul is also very harmful. In the same way the third impurity Maya is also extremely dangerous. Maya creates a kind of cover that makes a person unable to see the truth. The truth seems untrue to him and everything that is inappropriate seems right and the person becomes attached to inappropriate, untruths and immoralities.

Which creates many kinds of problems in life. Which frightens the person and creates a relapse. Gradually the person loses his power because a slave under someone’s control can never remain powerful for long. When our soul becomes a slave to such three types of feces (ego-karma-Maya) it loses all its power. A person who expects divine life as well as a fearless and independent life has to free himself from the clutches of ego, karma and Maya as soon as possible. Which requires knowledgeable equipment.

Sadhana means the relentless pursuit of understanding purpose. Enthusiastically striving for the ultimate goal through continuous study and also naming it with full faith without losing patience. Even sadhana is not possible without true knowledge. True knowledge is a deep understanding of soul and supreme soul which cannot be achieved without faith because a person who does not have faith in concepts like soul and supreme soul will be definitely understand this body as soul so that the question of trying to attain soul does not arise. Now if the efforts do not start then where is the point of continuous study and without knowledge continuous study it is not possible to understand the reality or become independent and fearless. Achieving divine life (life like complete bliss-peaceful paradise) is not possible without attaining fearlessness and freedom. We all want such a heavenly life but we are not ready to do the necessary sadhana for it or say that we do not have faith in our mind about sadhana so that the purpose cannot be achieved. This is to be rich but not to be masculine about it. In short, it is important to understand that the existence of fearlessness and freedom is contained in the divine life itself.

Our worldly life is for attaining the merits of the spiritual life (afterlife-supernatural life) and in that sense human life is blessed even though it is fleeting and ephemeral as it is the only way to lead a virtuous life and progress towards eternal and divine continuity. In that sense, this world is blessed even though it is incomplete and full of defects because by all these worldly relations, body, etc. we have a lot to learn. The seemingly ordinary life is to be made a divine life with fearlessness and freedom. So let us wake up before life slips away like sand and make a sincere effort to attain divinity so that we do not have to repent. The body is so that the disease associated with it, the fear of disease and death, will always remain, in the same way, the relationship will also mean the fear of being broken, the fear of losing after gaining power and wealth. Thus the reason behind dependency and fear is the connection with many things like body, relationships, wealth, prestige. Birth is responsible behind attachment and birth is subject to ignorance, karma and desire. From that point of view, every living being born must be dependent and afraid. If he has gained fearlessness and freedom then he has to avoid birth and attachment. Even if you can’t get rid of the whole connection on an immediate basis, you can make as few connections as possible in life.

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