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Rediscovering Yourself

by News Monks

After six strenuous months of hard work, Roshni’s first painting exhibition was coming up. She was on cloud nine and was eagerly waiting for it. Her husband Rishabh supported and encouraged Roshni and was proud of his wife.


On the day of the exhibition, the art gallery caught fire and everything burnt down to ashes. The shock and grief was so devastating that Roshni could not come out of it. Nothing seemed worthwhile, everything was meaningless. Rishabh just couldn’t fathom how to comfort his wife.


It took a long time. Counseling sessions were required, but eventually Roshni began to bloom again. She regained her confidence and started painting once more.


Life was never promised to be a bed of roses. It will continue to throw thunderbolts in your path. You will find yourself giving an exam at every turn. And in the midst of all this,  rediscovering yourself is a real challenge. Moreover it is extremely necessary too. Recognising your worth, gives a new meaning to life.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to find themselves again. There may be moments when we collapse, lose a job, or are grief stricken with the demise of a loved one or have a dispute with our near and dear ones. When such a situation arises, that is our real test. Circumstances like these define our personality. Will we break down or will we face it with courage?


When something bad happens, it is natural to feel sad. We cry, get angry and sometimes feel guilty. Good. It’s better to bring it out than keep it pent up inside. Nonetheless, there should be a limit to all this. When you finish cribbing and grumbling, it’s time to wrap up yourself. Time to pick up the pieces and build a new life once more.


A famous personality has said,

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


Coming out of the old misery, one must have the courage to face life again. And for that two things are vital; conviction and hard work.


It is also important to reconnect with yourself and do what you enjoy the most. Which can add value and purpose to your days. It could be pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill or making progress in your career. Only when you acquire pleasures of life, when you are happy, it keeps you focused on other pressing aspects.


It is deeply satisfying to be an original version of yourself than to be a copy of someone else, even if you have flaws and there are loopholes in your life. A gentle reminder. We all have something good and something great in us. You just need to identify and enhance it. Anything that helps you to define yourself and is exclusively a trademark of you.


It’s great to relive memories, nonetheless it is equally substantial to embrace the present and create new ones. Past successes do not define you forever. Constantly being on the move gives you the driving force much needed to prove yourself, not to anyone else, but to the man in the mirror. Don’t get intimidated, we have it in us, just don’t allow the spirit to die.


Cultivate a habit of writing. Jot down your moods, thoughts, feelings, experiences, anything. Believe me, it’s deeply gratifying. It will not only help you count your blessings, it will also give you a direction.


Another name for life is challenges. Leave the skeletons of the past behind. Lord has given only one life. Take full advantage of it. The aim of life should be to face every obstacle with a smile. Rediscover yourself and you are bound to acquire true peace and happiness.


Shamim Merchant



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