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Prisha, Unveiling the Real World !

by News Monks

Prisha, a girl with mellifluous voice and cheerful personality believes that one could create his/her own world. Her peculiar ways of looking at life is her individuality.

She believes that one should enjoy little things in life and never compare oneself with anybody, instead compare to one’s yesterday’s self. She tries to keep herself away from negative thoughts, sees world from her optimism glasses.

“Prisha… Dinner is ready my nightingale. Are you done with your recording?” her big sister enquired.

“♫ La la la ♫ …” euphonious rhythmic voice, tapping sound on the floor, dancing fingers on the piano.

Ah! our house seems nothing less than utopia. Prisha’s sister mumbled in wonderment while swaying on her feet.

Prisha came out of her room, instinctively sniffing air for the smell. “Mmm… this spicy aroma has aroused my appetite.”

“When are we going to get a chance to eat food cooked by you dear,” her sister looked at her quizzically.

“Sissy, that day will definitely come,” Prisha grinned.

After having dinner, Prisha and her sister went out for a stroll in the garden. After a while Prisha said “I had enough of walk for today, now I want to enjoy this serene environment,” her eyes crinkled and smile played at the corner of her lips.

Her sister took a long puff and replied, “Okay I will take three more rounds.”

Prisha sat on a garden bench.

“That girl is a trained singer. I have heard about her from my daughter. Her name is Prisha.” this inquisitive voice caught Prisha’s attention. Prisha looked around and found two ladies were sitting nearby.

That lady continued, “She lives in her fantasy world as she thinks one could create his/her own happy place. How silly it is, both ladies chuckled. I must say she can never survive in this real world for long.”

Real World? A question crops up in Prisha’s mind. What is this ‘Real World’? What traits one needs to possess to be a part of this so called ‘Real World’? Her mind starts reeling.


In the real world-

Is it about being surrounded by fake, unkind people?

Is it about to indulge oneself in malicious gossip?

Is it about changing your judgement betwixt right and wrong according to one’s comfort?

Or, is it about being nice every time just to be in everyone’s good books?

Is it to bully others and get pleasure in their sufferings?

Is it to pretend to be that person which you are not?

Is it to fool others by insincere flattering just to get your work done?

Or, is it to hide your real feelings and show what other person would like to see?

“Stop… flummoxed?” Prisha said to herself. “Oh! My mind is whirling. I am totally brain-fried now” Prisha sighed. She asks herself, “whether we are seriously living in a real world, or we have misconstrued fake as real.”

“It’s time to go home” this voice interrupted her deep thoughts. Prisha looked up, her sister was looking at her smilingly.

“Where are you lost?” Prisha’s sister enquired and sat beside her.

“Nowhere sissy” Prisha smiled hesitantly.

“Sis… is this true that if one gets repeated exposure of falsehood, they start believing it as real?”

” Yes, it is a human tendency.” Repeat a lie often enough and people will eventually come to believe it, you might be aware of this quotation, her sister replied.

Prisha was listening to her sister with a smile on her face and twinkling in her eyes.

Her sister continued “It’s all about ‘Illusory Truth Effect’ in which there is the tendency to believe false information to be correct because of repetition of falsehood. The time when we would understand this, we could keep us away from being bamboozled.”

“Your thoughts are so inspiring. It always enlightens me and uplifts my morale. I love you sis” Prisha hugged her sister tightly.

“Mmm… Now let’s go home. Time of our favourite comedy show.”

Do you remember that scene from yesterday episode, they continued talking & laughing heartily.



Hey Readers,

I have tried to unriddle this puzzle of so called ‘Real World’ through my character Prisha.

I am leaving you with a question that what kind of world we want to live in- “a phony world and construe it as real or honest-to-goodness world, where we don’t need to be fake and which will actually be real…!!”

What’s your choice??


~Kasturi Krishnapingla

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