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Matrubhoomi: The Secret Behind Emperor Ashoka’s Secret Nine Unknown Men :Ashoka 9 Unknown Men

by News Monks

If we talk about history, then whatever knowledge we have is very less. The more the layers of history are opened, the more new things will emerge. One such mysterious incident is related to the reign of Ashoka. The Nine Unknown is a 1923 novel by Talbot Mundy. Originally serialized in the magazine Adventure, it deals with nine unidentified men who belonged to a secret society founded by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka around 270 BCE. Few rulers in Indian history are remembered for their greatness and Emperor Ashoka is one of them. He was the third ruler of the Maurya dynasty, Who ruled the entire Indian subcontinent for about 36 years. It is said that this is to preserve and develop knowledge. He created the No Unknown Men who would protect the No Mysterious things forever. If these things fall into the wrong hands, then they can prove to be dangerous for humanity. The Mauryan emperor Ashoka assigned nine unknown men the task of guarding the nine books of secret knowledge.



Secret societies have been an integral part of advanced civilizations through the ages, and the ever-present veil of mystery covering them can be attributed to their narrator himself. Be it the Illuminati, or Priory of Saiyan, many secret societies exist, and apparently they are the ones that really run the world, away from the public eye. When it comes to India, apparently we have one of the oldest and most important secret societies called ‘The 9 Unknown Men’, founded by Ashoka the Great 2000 years ago.



The nine men in the novel are the embodiment of good and encounter nine black worshipers, who sow illusions and masquerade as true sages. The story revolves around a priest named Father Cyprian, who wants to take over the books, but who wants to destroy them out of Christian piety, and several other characters who are interested in learning their contents. It is said that Emperor Ashoka believed that knowledge is power, and the key to preserving that power is to collect, nurture and use knowledge in a way that can be used for great works. But it can also prove to be terrible, if the wrong hand comes in contact with it, then disaster can happen. So he called on nine of the brightest minds of India at that time, from different fields and disciplines, to form a secret society called ‘The Nine Unknown Men’.



However, it was designed in such a way that if a member left due to death, illness or other causes, a qualified member would be chosen as the successor in his place, and the society continued with the pattern of exactly nine members. Will stay



There were nine subjects, out of which nine were selected on the basis of specialization. They were propaganda, physiology, microbiology, alchemy, communication, gravity, cosmogony, light and sociology. In between these 9 Vidyas, everything needed for a mighty ruler to be omnipotent was included. Among these nine subjects were subjects that were controversial, mysterious and were sometimes referred to as ‘prohibited’. For example, how to kill someone with just one touch, also known as ‘the touch of death’, was studied. It is said that modern-day Judo originated from the leaked knowledge of this stream.



Other topics include communication in its most advanced form, which apparently also deals with extraterrestrial communication with aliens. Alchemy involves the conversion of metals, the most popular form of which is the conversion of metals into gold.


The most interesting thing? They say that the most famous and influential people in history, mostly scientists and artists, have always been part of secret societies. Apparently, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, as well as our own APJ Abdul Kalam were members of the Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka. mind blown? Here’s a little tip for anyone interested in learning more on the subject. Controversial but highly regarded works like Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ or ‘The Nine Unknown’ by Talbot Mundy will have enough material to quench your thirst on the subject.

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