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Does Indian History Need To Be Re-written? Our History Is True Picture Of Our Past Or Not?

by News Monks

History is considered to be the most important part of the culture of any country and Legacy, it gives us a true picture of our past.



The British wrote the history of India according to their imperial designs. And then after that the written story of idependence highlighted the sacrifice of a certain powerful segment of national leadership. It is time now to correct these wrongs in an objective manner. Distortions in history need to be corrected. The struggle of the Indians against Muslim rulers and British rulers are described as the Terrorists. How can an Indian mind digest the idea that Guru Teg Bahadur was a brave looter and rapist. Shivaji waged a war against Aurangzeb simply because it was the growth of Maratha national sentiments. Guru leg Bahadur’s martyrdom was due to the conspiracy of some members of his family. No one has any objections if Aurangzeb is called Zinda Pir. Allaudin’s attacks on Chittor to get Rani Padamani are not acceptable to many so-called secular leaders. Ironically, Khudi Ram Bose, LalaHardayal, Bhagat Singh, Vir Savarkar and Bhai Parmanand were described as terrorists. They were terrorists, according to self-styled secular historians.


If India was a secular state, it became secular only after the British left. Secularism was an unfamiliar concept to Muslims and British past Periods. History should not be used to glorify a dynasty or a community. Neither it should be used to denigrate any particular section of society. Simultaneously In West Bengal, what is taught in fifth grade textbooks is ridiculed. according to for the Marxist Government it may be appropriate to teach children, “Islam and Christianity are the only religions that treat man with honor and equality. ” These are half the facts and half-lies have distorted modern history.



The teaching of the Vedas and astrology is not against the interests of any particular community. If the Vedas are not taught in Indian schools and are not respected in India, should one expect other countries to do the same? What a ridiculous idea! One should have no objection if one mentions the evils of the Varna system, the plight of widows, the suffering of Dalits and women, and many other evils of Indian society.



It should not be considered a blasphemy against Hinduism. Sadly, disciplines like history have become politicized. One should honestly admit that the Indian National Movement did not appear in its true form. Most freedom fighters do not find a place of honor in Indian history.



It is more important function of history not to ignore unpleasant facts. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind truthful and objective history is the need of the day.



Indian history dates back to more than 4000 years.History has proved beyond doubt that Indian civilisation was highly developed and scientific in comparison to its counterparts. India hada rich culture, very rich indeed, notwithstanding certain flaws common to every society. In the wake of independence, Indian society change in their mindset. The coming years will add more to the transformation.


To denigrade the majority in the variety of ways has become second habit of certain political parties and so called liberal and the marxists. For the communists a Special kind of history needs to be written so that the past of Indians could be written in derogatory terms. This kind of mindset to destroy what is our past is reprehensible on the part of those who plan to rule the country perpetually. How can the leftists call themselves the voice of liberalism? Their interpretation of history and godless society has long been consigned to dust across the world.

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