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By prolonging the Corona epidemic, perhaps God wants to establish an empire of virtues and good habits in human life which is not possible overnight

by News Monks

By prolonging the Corona epidemic, perhaps God wants to establish an empire of virtues and good habits in human life which is not possible over night
Shilpa shah Director in-charge HKBBA College

The Corona epidemic does not seem to end until we fully accept the lesson that God wants to teach us through the Corona epidemic and make it a permanent habit in our daily lives as Corona is about a year and a half old but still the situation is not under control and a third wave is also feared. Now it is up to us how soon we want an end to adversity and understand God’s signal because God is such a powerful and best world guru that I firmly believe that he will not leave his disciple without qualifying and giving him an excellent education.

You may be wondering what God wants to teach the world if you remembered I have written about four to five articles before one year on the same topic which you must have read in which I have written the lessons of God in detail. The first article was written on March 21, 2020, saying, “Corona is not a pandemic but a blessing or teaching of God” because hygiene, bowing instead of shaking hands, limitation in relationships or touch, limitation of travel in unfamiliar territories, etc I believe an essential practices in eyes of God which can make life more healthy and safe. Then another article was published saying “Let’s take Corona positively” as we all know that immunity is essential to victory against Corona which can only be increased incredibly through positivity or constructive thinking. My third article was “You see, the current epidemic (corona) is making human beings great human beings”. Of all living beings, only human beings are born incomplete. The question of the incomplete birth of other organisms does not arise as its extreme evolution is not possible. But there are many potential for human development. Rising from a lowly or ordinary human being, he is to become a great human being or superhuman. That is why the human vagina is considered invaluable as it has many potential hidden in it.

Man is born imperfect but man is to be perfect by hard work and sincere efforts. Man is born like a seed but he can become a tree with full efforts. If he does not work hard, the seed will remain undeveloped and from time to time the seed will rot. The true birth of a human being takes place on the day when he knows life (because life is a matter to know not just to enjoy), recognizes himself and understands the purpose of life. Life without a goal is meaningless. As long as man is deprived of introspection, his human birth is in vain. In fact, man’s destiny is to be born as a human being (that is incomplete) and live as a deity (that is, to be very happy and enjoy complete happiness because this world is created by God for pleasure) and to die like God (that is, fully developed and perfect means to make life meaningful by making the death as festival). God is only perfect and during human life a person has to become perfect like God means he has to achieve perfection in life. Achieving many qualities is required to be complete, such as being austere, sanctifying oneself through hygiene lessons, becoming self-reliant, living a very simple life, following the rules of society and nature, understanding the importance of family life, lessons of unity, serving the poor, sick and needy, having compassion for everyone, cultivating awareness in achieving health and fitness, doing hard penance and practice for the attainment of as many virtues as possible, eradicating vices, etc. are all things that people learned to some extent in the first phase of corona which was the test of God in my view. It may have occurred to God that I succeeded in my endeavors, but we either behaved nicely for a moment during corona crisis or pretended to be good and came back in the original mood as we thought crisis gets over again became unworthy and full of vices.

So God sent Corona back as a second wave so that the virtues learned in the crisis would be quickly recalled but instead of realizing it we started blaming each other, at that time I wrote an article “How long will we continue to blame each other for corona’s transition?” because It was a time when the people started an unbearable process of blaming the government and the government started blaming the people. God may be more annoyed by such behavior that my children do not want to understand me or may be unable to understand what I want to explain. We know that each person’s perception is different. Every child’s instincts and comprehension are also different. Some children understand even the simple gestures or signals of their parents while many children only understand the language of punishment. Many children are obedient by nature while many are rebellious, rebellious and prone to hurt their parents. It must have happened to God that my children do not understand my soft language. The language has to be sharpened or changed. (How can the person understands English if he knows only Gujarati?) Thus, the language that we understand was used by the Lord in the second wave of Corona which proved to be very terrible. The whole human race shuddered and cried out for forgiveness but God knows that in order to teach a good lesson to the children, the parents have to be harsh and the children have to study hard and practice regularly similarly, hygiene, monasticism, virtues, importance of health, family life, observance of laws of nature, etc. It cannot be learned overnight or even if we learn to kill the fear, it cannot be made permanent it can be transformed into a permanent habit or goodness only through its acceptance, practice, regularity of conduct etc only when a good thing becomes a habit and is woven into daily life. Life can be heaven thus in order to make many such excellent virtues habitual in daily life, it is necessary to pass hard penance or God’s test. We all know that even in education, if a student does not remember a lesson, he has to repeat it regularly and only then he can remember that lesson for the rest of his life. In the same way, if the crisis period of corona becomes longer then the practice of cultivating repeated virtues and good habits becomes stable in life and we do not make the unforgivable mistake of understanding something today and forgetting it tomorrow.

But even then we did not understand God’s instructions, did not properly practice hygiene, or did not have the necessary care or discretion to get rid of a few of the corona and relapse into a disease called MUCORMYCOSIS. If we still don’t understand or learn what God is trying to teach us, I think Corona’s misery will never end. Even so, one scientist has predicted that in the next coming 25 to 50 years, more dangerous, powerful and unimaginable harmful viruses than the corona will continue to come because we have disturbed the balance of nature in the name of development. Also in daily life, we have forgotten the natural rules like the regularity of diet, active life, selflessness, kindness, love, humanity etc. due to which restlessness, disability, insecurity etc. have become our destiny. If we want to avoid diseases, troubles, harmful viruses, etc., we have to understand what God wants to explain to us in His unique language through many epidemics. It is also natural to create problems by taking unnecessary drugs, vitamins, and steroids without understanding because of unwarranted fear and obsession with life.

One of the rules of the kingdom of nature is that if you create enmity from the mind, the realm of enmity will spread everywhere. Right now we are unknowingly hostile to the virus. When we try to kill someone, the opponent gathers all his strength and gets into a fighting mood and tries tirelessly to win. We all know that the virus is also a creation of the kingdom of God. Instead of believing him to be an enemy, befriend him. Being a friend does not mean not trying to get rid of it but not being hostile to it. If someone is harmful to us, it is better to try to stay away from him than to kill him, in the same way we should talk to the virus mentally that I have no enmity with you. Leave me and go to another safe place so that your existence will be maintained and I will not be harmed. Such a noble feeling will create an atmosphere of friendship and welfare in nature, which will automatically liberate us from all troubles.

This is also the best time to end our personal ego because this is the message God has sent us through the Corona epidemic. During the Corona period, everyone must have realized that no matter how much money, prestige, position, power, getting the medicine, oxygen or hospital bed needed to save lives is beyond our ability or strength. Even so, our “I” does not exist in the entire universe, so why should we expand the “I” and create many problems in life? I firmly believe that God will continue to create many epidemics like Corona and will try to teach us incessantly until the abusive speech, the desire to increase one’s personal empire, the tendency to criticize and insult someone, etc. is released. Many excellent lessons perhaps God wants to teach us and that too not temporarily or not for a short time but forever so I think the Corona epidemic is prolonging. If we still ignore the signals, commands and teachings of God, we will have to face many epidemics like Corona incessantly and the goal of human life (that is the attainment of Sat-Chit-ANAND) will remain unfulfilled and life will slip out of our hands like sand.

In fact, life is a cell of joy. Man is not only born to live but born to know and the true joy of life is to know oneself. The only one who knows himself is called a real knowledgeable. Life can only be meaningful if happiness can be derived from it. Life has to be meaningful if you want to enjoy life. In the sense that meaningless life is hopeless and meaningful life is PARAMARTH that is life with divine meaning, in that sense we should not be only carnal that is body lover but should be soul lover. Staying stressed in life as long as there is no goal in life. The real birth of a person takes place on the day he realizes himself and achieves the goal of life. The day on which morality, ethics, religion and humanity enter the life is the only true birthday. That is why our life is said to be successful when the real birth takes place, our time of fainting is over, the period of sorrow comes to an end meaningful life is lived instead of a meaningless life. It seems that God often sends message to us through epidemic like Corona to make our lives successful. Moreover, God never tires of his efforts, so when we truly understand his gestures or signals, I am sure that God’s efforts in the form of epidemics will come to a complete halt.


Shilpa shah Director in-charge HKBBA College

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