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Behind the Mask

by News Monks

A funny conversation between the mouth and the nose; from behind the mask.


Mouth: Agghhh!!! I hate this corona virus.

Nose: Tell me something that I don’t know. And by the way, you aren’t alone in this. That bloody virus is a common enemy of both of us. Especially mine!”

Mouth: What do you mean, especially mine?

Nose: It’s all because of corona that you and I are covered in this horrible mask.


(The mouth twisted itself and said angrily.)


Mouth: Yeah. I’m literally suffocated behind the mask.

Nose: And in your suffocation, you keep exhaling warm carbon dioxide, which I have to inhale.

Mouth: Don’t crib so much! You’re not the only one suffering.

Nose: Hello? You don’t know what I’m going through. Because of the mask, I’m inhaling carbon dioxide, instead of oxygen. Moreover, I’m the main beauty of a face. But now I have to hide behind this terrible piece of cloth.


(The mouth groans and scowls again.)


Mouth: Correction! You are not breathing in carbon dioxide because of me, all thanks goes to the smelly mask.

Nose: Which reminds me, I also have to tolerate the filthy odour of our own breath. Mr. Mouth! You have nothing to complain about, it’s me who is suffering the most.

Mouth: Really? The cheap cloth of the mask has given me skin allergy and now my poor lips itch so badly.

Nose: The bad material of the mask and the pin inside it has turned me red and painful.


Mouth: We both forgot someone else who is as troubled as us.

Nose: Who?? Oh yes! Our friends, the ears.

Mouth: Right! In fact they bear the brunt the most. Carrying the strings all the time. 24/7. Not to forget, along with the weight of the earphones.

Nose: And glasses. Like me, specs bother them also. Imagine how irritated they must be by now?

Mouth: Yes bro. They only look open and free. But actually they’re the ones who are tolerating all the punishment silently.


(They both huff and puff loudly.)


Mouth: Oh God! Will we ever be free from the clutches of this mask??

Nose: (takes a deep frustrated sigh) I don’t think so my friend. At least not anytime soon.

Mouth: Yeah. Nose buddy, it’s no use fighting among ourselves.

Nose: Yes man! We are all traveling in the same boat.


Shamim Merchant



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