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A scientific logic behind SHRADH

by News Monks

SHRADH is NAIMITTIK DHARM that is an occasional religion. NAIMITTIK DHARM is the task or duty that has to be performed on an occasional basis. We all know that with birth, we connect with many people such as Parents, siblings, relatives, family villagers, country fellow etc. Moreover, from birth to death, every living being has to perform the duties prescribed by God, i.e. his own duties. But each such act, when done with deep understanding, involves the welfare of the individual and the society. In short, the deeds (duties) that come before you according to the time and period that we have to perform as an occasion are called occasional deeds like SHRADH.
According to Hinduism, the consciousness that goes from the body of a human being due to the death is called soul. After death, the soul wanders until it has no way and goes through heaven-hell as per karma. The good soul is liberated while the rest of the reincarnation takes place in 84 lakhs vagina. Such a journey or chakra of the soul is written in the scriptures. Which intellectuals cannot accept, but now science has also accepted that death is not a full stop of life but a pause or comma. The law of conservation states that energy is never destroyed only transformed. The same thing is written in the BHAGAVADA GITA that the soul never dies, only the vagina (body) changes. (Thus the energy only transforms not destroy) The imprint of one’s own deeds is imprinted on the soul, which determines the vagina of an organism after death. A scientist named HICHELS has researched embryos in the womb, saying that the entire development period of the embryo after conception is 9 months and 10 days (that is 24292000 seconds) in which the fetus passes through different shapes and conditions about 8400000 times. The images of a person who has come into the vagina, like the hologram, are contained in his seed (genes) and go through all the experiences before born a baby. In addition, a device created by scientists, ‘PLANCHAT’, has been found to help contact dead spirits. In addition, a device called the “DYNAMISTOGRAPH” explains the messages of the deceased. The instrument called ‘GONIOMETER’ can record the sound of the soul. What else evidence can we have that proves life after death? Shortly after death, certain rituals performed by his relatives for the welfare or betterment of the soul can give them peace. With complete faith, the evil deeds of the ancestors do not have any adverse effect on their surviving generation, and the deeds (virtues) that are done behind them to achieve the noble effect of their good deeds are called SHRADH. As the name implies, such works must have faith. As the heir of the father’s property is the son, the good and inauspicious deeds of the father must be enjoyed by the son. This is called patriarchy. According to Hindu mythology, the soul does not leave the connection with body waves for up to 12 days after the death of a human being similarly the soul remains associated with prenatal life or past birth for up to 12 days from the birth of a child. So in the twelve days of death for the worship of the deceased, one is worshiped on the day of death and every year in the KRISHNA PAKSH of BHADARVA month, is require this is the statement made in the theology for SHRADH. On the other hand, patriarchal orbital are more abundant in the earth during SHRADH. During fifteen days of SHRADH, the yam waves come to earth on a special scale with which the decease also reaches our homes. So that by satisfying them through certain kinds of noble deeds and rituals, blessings can be obtained. According to science, the sun is closer to the Earth during SHRADH. Thus, since the Moon and the Solar System are so close to the Earth, activity of SHRADH is we can say more scientific. So every human being as a son of someone should practice his occasional religions like SHRADH.

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